Go Motorcycling Training Season 2023

It was a busy weekend to prepare for the Go Motorcycling Training Season 2023! BIG thanks to RiderCoaches Calvin Lawrence and Tony Summerlin who put up our canopies; pounded in signposts; posted signs; wrenched on bikes and repainted the A2 lot. Range Trivia: It takes nearly 18000 steps to use the walk-behind blower to clear off the range! (Ask me … Read More

Motorcycle Training Course – Wonderful!

Motorcycle Training Course

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for providing a wonderful motorcycle training course like this. I took my safety course this past weekend, upstate NY, and am so glad I did. I was pretty nervous about tight turns and slow maneuvers, but after this course, I am much more comfortable with it all! My rider … Read More

First Graduates

First Graduates

Our first graduates of the season with RiderCoach John Archambault.

Gym Lot Canopy Up

Gym Lot Canopy

And…we got the Gym Lot canopy up…ensuring that it didn’t rain on Sunday! 

Moving into 2nd Motorcycle Training Center at MVCC Utica!

Motorcycle training center

Since the MVCC Rome campus is undergoing major renovations, we have lost the use of our parking lot there for the time-being. We hope to resume our training in Rome once the dust has settled, but in the meantime, MVCC has made provision for us to have a SECOND motorcycle training center at the Utica campus. Yay! Thank you MVCC! … Read More