Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that BRC2-LW students have at least 30 hours of practice on a motorcycle with at least 10 hours of practice in medium to high volume traffic. The BRC2-LW will not start from scratch!  It is expected that BRC2-LW participants will arrive at class already familiar with the motorcycle controls and comfortable with basic street-riding skills like starting and stopping, shifting and cornering.  Riders that are not able to perform the basic control skills required in the course will be removed from the class and no refund will be given, so it’s important that you choose wisely. If you have been riding on the street for a season and are comfortable operating your motorcycle, the BRC2-LW should be a good fit.

On the other hand, if you are uncertain of your skills… if you are intimidated riding your own motorcycle or having difficulty being in control on the street… if you are a rider returning to motorcycling after a period of not riding, then you might want to consider the BRC as your entry point to training. The BRC has the same license waiver benefit as the BRC2-LW, but it will start from scratch covering basic skills. You will receive extended practice on smaller (250cc and under) street motorcycles that we provide and generally gain the skills and confidence to transition to your own motorcycle on course completion.

If you are having trouble deciding, give us a call and we can discuss it!

If you’ve not yet learned about the motorcycle controls and how they operate, or if you have been riding but are still hesitant on two-wheels, then the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) would be a better entry point for your learning. The BRC will start from scratch with the fundamental skills mentioned above, and we’ll even supply a small, user-friendly motorcycle for you to use in your class.  The BRC also qualifies for the NYS Motorcycle Road Test Waiver.
Click here to go to the on-line enrollment page. Once there you will be able to see current course availability for all our training locations and select your training dates.
The Basic RiderCourse 2 – License Waiver costs $260
Participants must be at least 18 years old. It is recommended that BRC2-LW students have at least 30 hours of practice on a motorcycle with at least 10 hours of practice in medium to high volume traffic.  The BRC2-LW will not start from scratch! NYS residents must possess both a valid New York State car driver’s license and motorcycle learner’s permit during their class.  Junior Operator license holders are not eligible to participate. Riders will need to supply their own street legal motorcycle or scooter to use in the BRC2-LW. (See “How much experience do I need to take the BRC2-LW”, above.)
Go Motorcycling, Inc. has two training locations at the Mohawk Valley Community College Campus in Utica and one at Jefferson Community College in Watertown.
In Utica, our training season runs from mid-April thru October. In Watertown, our training season is limited to late May thru late August. During the school year, classes are offered on weekends only.  During the summer months we offer weekends and weekday schedules. See specific course dates.
Each class is a full day of instruction.  After completing the 2-hour online eCourse on your own, you’ll join us for 3 hours of classroom instruction and about 5 hours of riding exercises on your own street-legal motorcycle or scooter.  In some instances the classroom portion may be offered in the evening, followed by a half-day of riding instruction.

You can see the full schedule, plus availability for each location, by clicking here.

There are no more than 12 students in each class (with two RiderCoaches).
BRC2-LW students must supply their own street-legal motorcycle or scooter for training.
  • MSF eCourse certificate
  • Street-legal motorcycle with inspection sticker attached
  • Proof of motorcycle registration & insurance
  • Valid NYS driver’s license
  • Valid NYS motorcycle learner’s permit
  • DOT compliant motorcycle helmet
  • Eye protection (face shield or goggles)
  • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Durable long pants (denim or equivalent; no holes!)
  • Sturdy over-the-ankle boots (no sneakers!)
  • Rain gear (classes run rain or shine)

You will receive specific details on what to bring once you are enrolled.

Yes, the course will take place during “normal” rainy conditions, so come prepared with a rain suit if rain is imminent. Classes will be canceled/rescheduled in the event of severe weather – your RiderCoaches will make that determination that day, so you should show up for class no matter what.
Learner’s permits are obtained at local DMV offices. You will be required to take a 20 question, multiple-choice quiz testing your knowledge of the rules of the road and motorcycling. You can study for your quiz by reviewing the DMV Car and Motorcycle Operator’s Manuals.
To participate in the BRC2-LW you must be at least 18 years old, have a minimum of 30 hours varied street-riding experience and possess both a NYS car driver’s license and a motorcycle learner’s permit. To earn a NYSMSP BRC2-LW Road Test Waiver Completion Card you must successfully complete the MSF BRC2-LW eCourse (on your own, online), participate in the classroom activities and practice exercises and pass a knowledge test and skills evaluation. Your successful completion qualifies you for a Motorcycle License Road Test Waiver which allows you to earn your license without taking the NYS DMV Road Test.
Not that instant, but almost. Successful students will receive a New York State Motorcycle Safety Program BRC2 – LW completion card. You will need to bring this card, along with your license and motorcycle learner’s permit to the DMV to amend your license.
BRC2-LW students who fail the skills evaluation and/or knowledge test will be given an opportunity to re-test at no charge. All retests must be taken within 30 days of your course completion date.
You do not need to be a fitness star to ride a motorcycle (or take a RiderCourse), but riding does require alertness, coordination, balance, grip and fine muscle control of the hands and feet.  Certain medical conditions, recent surgery or injury and/or prescription or over-the-counter drugs may interfere with safe motorcycle operation.  If you have medical issues, it is important to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before the course to determine if your medical condition, or the drugs that you are taking for it, could interfere with your ability to safely operate a motorcycle.

Please consider that you will be outdoors for extended periods in ambient weather conditions. You will spend a good portion of the day expending mental energy as you learn new skills.

Most motorcycle insurance companies offer a premium discount to RiderCourse graduates. Please contact your insurance carrier for specific details.
You may cancel or reschedule your class on-line up to one full calendar day before your class start date. On-line changes will not be available on the day before your class starts; call instead: 315-858-3321. Fees apply.  Please click here for details.
If you would be interested and available to move to an earlier course date than the one for which you are scheduled:

a) Check back on our website periodically; additional classes may be added and/or cancellations by other students may create an earlier opening. You may reschedule using the confirmation number in your confirmation e-mail. A $20 fee will apply. NOTE: If your class starts within the next 7 days and you want to move to an even earlier available course date, please phone the office to reschedule, as the on-line enrollment system will charge a larger reschedule fee.

b) If you would like to be considered for last minute fill-ins (within 24 hours of a class start date/time), please email us with your preferences. You might specify a particular date that you desire or a general interest in an earlier date – please specify if you are available weekends or weekdays – and we will put you on the cancellation list.

Enrolling in a RiderCourse indicates that you have reviewed and agree to our POLICIES.

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