msf rider coachAre you a people person?

Do you love motorcycling?

Are you committed to riding safely?

If so, join the Go Motorcycling family as an MSF Rider Coach for the 2022 season in Utica and Watertown!

Share your love of motorcycling with new and experienced riders.  Not only is it great fun but hugely rewarding.  Obviously, employment as an MSF Rider Coach is only a seasonal position in snowy Central New York!

RiderCoaching is a paid position, but you will not get rich.  All of our RiderCoaches have other “real” jobs or are enjoying teaching after retirement. Hence, they teach from two to thirty classes each year as their schedules permit. But think about it: What’s better than getting paid to ride motorcycles?

As much as being a MSF RiderCoach is fun, it is also serious. As you know, there are significant risks associated with riding motorcycles. RiderCoaches provide expert-level instruction while maintaining a safe training environment. There is much to learn!

Each RiderCoach Preparation Course (RCPC) lasts about 8 days. Achieve full certification by completing both pre-course activities (class observations/homework) and post-course mentoring (supervised teaching).

Qualifications to be a MSF Rider Coach:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 2 years of varied motorcycling experience
  • A good driving record with no felony convictions
  • Sincerely committed to safe riding

RiderCoaches that will be teaching at NYS DMV Licensed Driving Schools will also need to become DMV Instructor certified. The RCPC takes the place of traditional driving instructor training, but you will need to pass driving instructor road tests for both car and motorcycle. There is also a knowledge test.

Interested? Keep reading below to learn more about the specific details for our 2022 RCP at our Utica location.

I hope you’ll contact me if you have any questions or would like some more information about being an MSF Rider Coach.

Lynne Vandewater
RiderCoach Trainer
Go Motorcycling, Inc.

MSF Rider Coach PDF Documents


READ MORE … Information About Becoming an MSF Rider Coach

Thank you for your interest in becoming an MSF certified RiderCoach.

This information is going out to people who have contacted us recently about becoming a RiderCoach.  In addition to those who have expressed interest in the past and were unable to participate at that time.

The New York State Motorcycle Safety Program sponsors RiderCoach training in New York and they are in charge of determining where and when training will take place.

Training sites petition NYSMSP to schedule a RiderCoach prep when they have an adequate number of candidates lined up to participate in one. So one purpose of this email is to get a show of hands on who is interested and also available to participate in the prep itself as well as the pre-prep training requirements.

The RiderCoach Preparation Course is generally scheduled over eight-days, with a common schedule being two four-day weekends.  We are holding a RiderCoach Prep on July 14-17 and 21-24.

The training would take place at MVCC in Utica.  And by special arrangement there are usually dorm rooms available for about $25 a night for those that may be traveling in and need a space to stay.

I am waiting for info on and if Covid has changed this arrangement. (There will be other RCPs offered at other locations throughout the state; if these dates don’t work for you, there may be another date/location that will.)

To Qualify You Need:

  1. be at least 21 years of age
  2. to have had a motorcycle license for at least two years with a good driving record
  3. have a high school diploma or equivalent
  4. no felony convictions.

Click here for more details:

There are a number of things that to take place prior to the actual training.

To be considered for the RCP, first, please give me a call or send an email letting me know of your interest and availability.

You will need to complete the RiderCoach Preparation Application and return it to me along with copies of :

  • your driver’s license
  • your high school diploma
  • and a current driver’s license abstract (available from the DMV).

I will need this as soon as possible.  If you like, you can send along your application to get the ball rolling while you assemble the other documents.

Participation in BRC

Before or after your participation in a BRC, you will also need to shadow at least two complete BRCs with the guidance of the RiderCoaches.  The RiderCoaches will walk you through what their process is and help you get familiar with cone placement, exercise and classroom structure, etc.

You will be given opportunities to read the instructions to the students, ride some demonstrations, etc.  The more familiar you are with the BRC prior to your RCP, the better.

This can be accomplished at any scheduled BRC.

You might consider the shadowing sessions to be an extended job interview – and the assessment works both ways.  You will have an opportunity to learn more about the day-to-day inner workings and mental and physical demands of teaching a RiderCourse, and your RiderCoaches will have the opportunity to assess your skills and personality to see if you would be a good fit for the program.

As soon as possible, you will need to participate in a Basic RiderCourse as a student.  There is a $100 fee to participate in the BRC (about one third the normal price); this amount will be reimbursed to you in two payments as you complete your post RCP shadowed teaching. You will need to pre-register by calling our office.

2022 Schedule

Our 2022 schedule will be available soon at our website,; we will set aside some slots in our early course dates for RiderCoach Candidates; call us to discuss – there may be some secret slots that will not display on the website.

After all the prerequisites have been met, you can be considered for admission to the RCP.  The sooner you get all the prerequisites done, the better, as spots are assigned by NYSMSP on a first-come basis to qualified applicants from around the state.

Applicants that are accepted into the RCP will receive their course materials and a pre-course assignment designed to further your familiarity with, and understanding of, the materials.

After the Eight-day Preparation Course

After the eight-day preparation course, you will be required to be shadowed at a minimum of two BRC classes. In other words, you will teach under the supervision of certified RiderCoaches who will sign off on your ability in order to gain NYSMSP recognition; kind of like an internship.

You will receive a stipend of $50 for each of these classes – reimbursement of your BRC fee. Once recognized, then you can start teaching as one of two RiderCoaches in a normal course and be paid for your work.

Because Go Motorcycling, Inc. is a licensed driving school, at some point you will also need to gain DMV Instructor certification.  Your RCP will exempt you from having to take the DMV Instructor Course, but you will need to take the examinations.

This will consist of a knowledge test and both car and motorcycle road tests.

DMV testing can take place before or after your RCP.  Click HERE to link to the DMV Instructor Test Study Guide.

OK I am Interested in Becoming an MSF Rider Coach – What Next?

If this sounds interesting to you but circumstances would prevent you from participating in the July 2022 prep, please get in touch to discuss how we might do some pre-prep activities this fall to be ready for a prep in 2023.

You are correct in observing that there is a lot of work and certainly a time commitment involved in becoming a RiderCoach.  Being a RiderCoach requires a solid knowledge base of motorcycles and motorcycling, a thorough understanding of the curriculum and teaching methodology, the interpersonal skills necessary to communicate clearly and in a positive manner to students from all walks of life, and above all, good judgment.

Your safety and that of your students depends on it.  At the back end, though, teaching RiderCourses is soooooo much fun and extremely rewarding!

I look forward to hearing from you!
Lynne Vandewater