msf rider coachAre you a people person?

Do you love motorcycling?

Are you committed to riding safely?

If so, maybe you’d like to join the Go Motorcycling family as an MSF Rider Coach offering training in Utica, Rome and Watertown!

Sharing your love of motorcycling with new and experienced riders is great fun and hugely rewarding.  Obviously, employment as a MSF Rider Coach is only a seasonal position in snowy Central New York!  RiderCoaching is a paid position, but you will not get rich; all of our RiderCoaches have other “real” jobs or are retired; they teach from two to twenty classes each year as their schedules permit. What’s better than getting paid to ride motorcycles?

As much as being a RiderCoach is fun, it is also serious. There are risks associated with riding motorcycles, and RiderCoaches are responsible for maintaining a safe training environment as well as providing expert-level instruction. There is much to learn!

Each RiderCoach Preparation Course (RCPC) lasts about 8 days. In addition, there are both pre-course activities (class observations/homework) and post-course mentoring (supervised teaching) before full certification is achieved.

To work as an MSF Rider Coach you need to be at least 21 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent.  You need two years of varied motorcycling experience, a good driving record, no felony convictions and be sincerely committed to safe riding.

RiderCoaches that will be teaching at NYS DMV Licensed Driving Schools will also need to become DMV Instructor certified. The RCPC takes the place of traditional driving instructor training, but you will need to pass driving instructor road tests for both car and motorcycle; there is also a knowledge test.

I hope you’ll contact me if you have any questions or would like some more information.
Lynne Vandewater
RiderCoach Trainer
Go Motorcycling, Inc.