The BRC provides the beginning motorcyclist with the basic mental and physical riding skills necessary to minimize risk on the street.

The Basic RiderCourse (BRC) was developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) as a comprehensive riding program for the beginner rider. Taught by Go Motorcycling, Inc.’s MSF and NYS DMV certified RiderCoaches.  The Basic RiderCourse (BRC) consists of:

  • A 5-hour on-line eCourse that you complete on your own
  • At least 11 hours of hands-on riding instruction

It is so complete that it has been recognized by the New York State DMV as an option to the on-street Motorcycle Road Test.

  • Basic RiderCourse
  • Basic RiderCourse
  • Basic RiderCourse

Riding Exercises include

Straight-line riding




Low-speed control skills

Motorcycle dynamics

On Site We provide



Eye protection

Course materials

(*Students are
encouraged to bring their
own DOT-approved helmet)

What you need to provide

Sturdy long pants/jeans

Sturdy boots
(e.g. work boots or hiking boots; no sneakers!)

Long-sleeved shirt or jacket

Full-fingered gloves

If necessary, rain-gear

Each class is limited to 12 students with 2 RiderCoaches. Learning is a fun, step-by-step process in a secured lot on our user-friendly training motorcycles.Lynne Vandewater, Go Motorcycling, Inc.

In the e-Course you’ll learn about:

  • the location and operation of motorcycle controls
  • what to wear for comfort and protection
  • how to develop a riding strategy for dealing with traffic and road hazards
  • how alcohol and other drugs impact your ability to ride safely
  • factors that contribute to crashes
  • optimizing perception and visual acuity
  • using the Search – Evaluate – Execute strategy (SEE)
  • how to make safety an executive function
  • using self-assessment to create a positive risk-offset


Participants must be at least 16 years of age and know how to ride a bicycle. Students under the age of 18 will need to have their parent or guardian’s signature on both the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program and Covid Release, Waiver and Indemnification forms Click here for more details.


New York State residents must possess a valid car driver’s license in order to participate. You do not need a motorcycle learner’s permit to sign up for or to participate in a BRC. You do need a motorcycle learner’s permit to apply for the road test waiver after successful completion of the course. You may obtain this from the DMV either before or after your course dates.

A permit is required for practice riding on the street before you obtain your license.  If you are under age 18, it is recommended that you obtain your motorcycle learner’s permit as soon as possible. Students under age 18 will need to have held a valid motorcycle learner’s permit for 6 months before they can apply the road test waiver document.

Out of State Licenses

Out-of-state license holders may participate in the Basic RiderCourse (BRC), but they will not be eligible for the NYS Motorcycle Road Test Waiver. Contact your home state to see if they will honor a completion card from New York State. If you are in the military, be sure to mention that; sometimes there are special rules for military personnel.


Each Basic RiderCourse has at least 11 hours of hands-on instruction. Generally, we schedule classes over a two-day period. Other schedules may become available. Curriculum content of each class is identical, and all scheduling options qualify for the NYS road test waiver.

In addition to the 11 hours on the range, participants will receive access to the MSF’s ePackage 1 eCourse, a 5-hour online course that covers the basics of motorcycling. The eCourse is fun and easy to use with lots of graphics and videos to help you learn. You will need to complete the eCourse within the 30 days prior to your BRC course dates and you must remember to bring the completion certificate (or a screenshot) to class with you


To earn a NYSMSP BRC Road Test Waiver Completion Card you must participate in the entire course (eCourse + range exercises/activities), and pass a riding skills evaluation. Your successful completion qualifies you for a Motorcycle License Road Test Waiver of the NYS DMV Road Test.

Motorcycle insurance companies offer a premium discount to RiderCourse graduates. Please contact your insurance carrier for specific details.

If you are nervous about diving right in or not sure if motorcycling is for you, you may want to consider an Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME) course as your entry point to training.


Enrolling in a RiderCourse indicates that you have reviewed and agree to our POLICIES.

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