If you are over age 18…

…use a link below to access either the 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled Go Motorcycling waiver requirement. Please review the contents. You will be provided a form to sign when you arrive at class. Your signature is required in order to participate. 

Students under age 18…

…must have a parent or guardian’s signature on the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program Waiver and Indemnification form.

The parent or guardian can accompany the student to class and sign the form in the presence of the RiderCoach with proper identification (photo ID), or the student may bring the pre-signed form to class so long as the parent’s signatures are notarized. 

  • If you will bring pre-signed, notarized form to class, please print the form from the appropriate link below and review the contents prior to signing before a notary.
  • If you will be signing at class, the student/parent you should review the form prior to class. You will be provided with form to sign upon your arrival. Your signatures are required in order to participate.

Go Motorcycling Waiver Links and Documents

2W Waivers: These apply to all 2-Wheeled RiderCourses. 3W Waivers: These apply to all 3-Wheeled RiderCourses.