BRC2 – LW Course Fee: $270

Motorcycle Safety TrainingThe Basic RiderCourse 2 License Waiver (BRC2-LW) is for individuals 18 years or older that already have some street riding experience. We recommend that BRC2-LW students have at least 30 hours of practice on a motorcycle with at least 10 hours of practice in medium to high volume traffic.

Participants must also possess a valid New York State car driver’s license and motorcycle learner’s permit.  Junior Operator license holders are not eligible to participate.

  • Basic RiderCourse 2 License Waiver
  • Basic RiderCourse 2 License Waiver
  • Motorcycle Safety Training

The Basic RiderCourse 2 License Waiver (BRC2-LW) is designed to further develop your riding expertise in a secure setting. Even if you have been riding for some time, you will find something new to learn in exercises designed to hone braking, cornering, swerving and control skills.

Each class consists of the four-hour ePackage 2 online eCourse and approximately six hours of practice riding exercises on your own street-legal motorcycle or scooter. So, in addition to having some varied street-riding experience, you will also need your own motorcycle to take this class. The riding exercises conclude with a skills evaluation.

The BRC2-LW is NOT for beginners!

If you are a rider that still needs to learn about motorcycle controls and how they work, how to start out, stop, shift and corner, then you should consider the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) as your entry point for training. The BRC will start from scratch with these fundamental skills, and you will also be provided with a motorcycle to use during your class.

When you register for your BRC2-LW, you will be given a link to gain access to the MSF ePackage 2 online eCourse. You must complete the online portion no more than 30 days before your riding class, and remember to bring a copy of your completion certificate (or a screenshot) to class with you.

Things you will need to bring to the training site for the range exercises

MSF eCourse Certificate of Completion

A street-legal motorcycle (must have valid NYS Inspection Certificate attached and pass the RiderCoaches’ safety inspection)

NYS Valid Motorcycle Registration

Valid motorcycle insurance card (FS-20/FS-21)

NYS Valid Driver’s License (plus a photocopy)

Valid NYS Motorcycle Permit (plus a photocopy)

A DOT compliant motorcycle helmet

Eye protection (face shield or goggles)

Sturdy long pants/Jeans

Sturdy, over-the-ankle boots
(e.g. work boots or hiking boots; no sneakers!)

Long-sleeved shirt or jacket

Full-fingered gloves

If necessary, rain-gear(classes run rain or shine)


You will need to meet the above-mentioned age, experience and license/permit criteria in order to participate.  No student will be allowed to proceed with training if they are unable to demonstrate basic riding skills on the practice range. Remember, the Basic RiderCourse 2 License Waiver (BRC2-LW) is NOT for beginners. No refunds will be given to BRC2-LW students who come into the class without the basic skills necessary to participate.  

You will need to provide your own motorcycle to ride in the course.  You must make sure that your motorcycle is operational, inspected, insured and ready to ride. If you fail to show up on your course date due to mechanical issues, or if your paperwork is not in order, you will not be able to ride and you will not be guaranteed a spot in a later course.

If you have any question about your skill and comfort level on your motorcycle, if it’s been a long time since you last rode and your skills are “rusty”, or your motorcycle’s roadworthiness is in question, you should consider taking the BRC on a motorcycle that we provide.


To earn a NYSMSP BRC2-LW Road Test Waiver Completion Card you must successfully complete the MSF BRC2-LW eCourse (on your own, online), participate in the range portions of the training and pass a riding skills evaluation. Your successful completion qualifies you for a Motorcycle License Road Test Waiver of the NYS DMV Road Test.

Enrolling in a RiderCourse indicates that you have reviewed and agree to our POLICIES.

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