Thanks for checking in!  Our 2020 schedule will be available sometime in March. We generally start training at MVCC in Utica in mid-April; our Watertown training at JCC begins in late May, after graduation.

If you would like us to notify you when the enrollment is about to “go live”, please send us an email with “2020 Schedule” in the subject line.  We’ll email you in the spring! Use the Contact Us form on our website or email us directly at [email protected].

Please note:  
There are TWO Utica training locations at MVCC; the A2 Lot and the Gym Lot.  They are listed separately in the enrollment system.  Check BOTH locations for course availability.

If you are enrolling multiple participants in a single RiderCourse, you will need to:

Basic RiderCourse – License Waiver (BRC)

A license waiver MSF course for new riders

Basic RiderCourse 2 – License Waiver (BRC2-LW)

A license waiver MSF course for experienced riders

3-Wheeled Basic RiderCourse – License Waiver (3WBRC)

A license waiver MSF course for new riders (Endorsement restricted to 3-wheeled operation)

Introductory Motorcycle Experience (IME)

A motorcycle familiarization course

Basic RiderCourse 2 – Skills Practice (BRC2)*

Don't forget to enter in your text.

* IMPORTANT: The BRC2 range exercises are nearly identical to those of the BRC2 for License Waiver (BRC2- LW) class. These classes will be scheduled concurrently with a certain number of slots allocated to each class. There are only so many spots available per combined class, but we can easily change the allocated slots from one class to another. So if you want a BRC2 on a particular date but no class displays (or the BRC2 class displays as full), check the BRC2-LW schedule for that date. If there is space available, we will be happy to move a spot over to the BRC2 class for your enrollment; just give us a call at 315-858-3321. If a BRC2-LW class displays as “full”, then there is no space available and you will need to select a different date.

If you already have your motorcycle endorsement, DO NOT sign up for the BRC2-LW class! You will be charged the License Waiver class fee of $260!