If a student desires to use his/her own motorcycle in the BRC, it must meet two of the following three criteria.  The three criteria are:

  1. an engine displacement of 500cc or less
  2. a dry, unladen weight of 400 pounds or less
  3. a seat height of 30” or less

Motorcycles that have been modified or that have had aftermarket equipment added to conform to the criteria above may not be used as training motorcycles.

In addition, students using their own motorcycle in the BRC:

  1. Must have a valid motorcycle license or a motorcycle learner’s permit with a supervising driver
  2. Are responsible for any damage to their motorcycle or equipment as a result of their participation in the BRC
  3. Will be subject to a motorcycle inspection before class to detect defects that could impair handling or control in accordance with the T-CLOCS inspection
  4. Students may supply their own Class A scooter that meets the above criteria and conditions.

Note:  If you have a motorcycle that meets all the above criteria, it is probably very similar to our training motorcycles.  Why not use a bike we provide and remove the hassles of transporting your bike, wear-and-tear or other damage?  Go Motorcycling, Inc. does not provide scooters for use in the BRC.

In the case that a motorcycle has been modified to accommodate a physical disability, please contact our office; such cases will be evaluated by NYSMSP on a case-by-case basis.

Students must notify the training site at least one week in advance of their course date if they choose to use their own motorcycle/scooter in the BRC.