Frequently Asked Questions

The Introductory Motorcycle Experience is designed to familiarize the new rider with some basics about motorcycle protective gear, how to mount and dismount the motorcycle, where the controls are located and how they work. You will not learn all there is to know about motorcycling, but you will learn enough to practice making the motorcycle go and stop by coordinating the use of the clutch, throttle and front brake. You’ll start with some “feet down” exercises and progress to riding with your feet up. These activities are also explored in early exercises of the BRC, but the IME will take things at a slower pace and allow more time to develop the foundation of your control skills. Some people find the coordination of the controls to be a little tricky at first, but most can get the hang of things with practice. If you think you might be someone who would benefit from extra practice at a slower pace, the IME might be a good entry point to training. If you are nervous about giving riding a try or are worried that you might not have the ability to ride, the IME’s hands-on learning and small class size can help make your first motorcycling experience be relaxed and at your own pace. After participating in the IME, you will have a better idea about your abilities and be better able to decide if riding a motorcycle is a good personal choice for you.
Click here to go to the on-line enrollment page. Once there you will be able to see current course availability for all our training locations and select your training dates.  If you do not see a course on the schedule and we can set one up for you: (315) 858-3321
The Introductory Motorcycle Experience costs $75
IME participants must be at least 16 years of age and know how to ride a bicycle.  Students need to have a valid license or learner’s permit for either a car or motorcycle.

Students under the age of 18 will need to have their parent or guardian’s signature on the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program Waiver and Indemnification form.  The parent or guardian can accompany the student to class and sign the form in the presence of the RiderCoach with proper identification (photo ID) or the student can bring the pre-signed form to class so long as the parents signature is notarized.

Go Motorcycling, Inc. has training sites in Utica at Mohawk Valley Community College Campuses and in Watertown at Jefferson Community College.
In Utica, our training season runs from late April thru October. In Watertown, our training season is limited to late May thru late August.
Each IME has at least 2 hours of instruction. Class times vary: there are morning, afternoon and evening classes scheduled.

You can see the full schedule, plus availability for each location, by clicking here. If you do not see a course scheduled, give us a call and we’ll set one up for you: (315) 858-3321

There are no more than 4 students in each IME.
All of our IME training motorcycles are 250cc or smaller. Some of our current models are Suzuki’s GZ250 and Kawasaki’s BN125.
You do not need to be a fitness star to ride a motorcycle (or take a RiderCourse), but riding does require physical stamina, alertness, coordination, balance (two-wheeled operation), grip and fine muscle control of the hands and feet.  Certain medical conditions, recent surgery or injury and/or prescription or over-the-counter drugs may interfere with safe motorcycle operation.  If you have medical issues, it is important to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before the course to determine if your medical condition, or the drugs that you are taking for it, could interfere with your ability to safely operate a motorcycle.

Please consider that you will be outdoors for extended periods in ambient weather conditions. You will spend a full day expending mental and physical energy as you learn new skills.

If you are particularly short, please contact our office so we can arrange for you to “try on” one of our training motorcycles a week or two before your class.

If you feel that there are motor skill ability, age, physical condition or language limitations that may limit your ability to learn to ride, please feel free to contact our office to discuss what provision can be made to assist you.

In most cases, yes.  If you are VERY short, please contact our office; we will arrange for you to “try on” a motorcycle a week or two before your class.
All students need proper riding gear: sturdy non-flared long pants (no holey knees please!), sturdy over-the-ankle boots (like a hiking boot or a work boot – NO SNEAKERS), full-fingered gloves, and a jacket. You may bring your own motorcycle helmet and eye protection, so long as they meet DOT standards. We can lend you a helmet with eye protection if you do not have one of your own.

You will also need to bring a photocopy of your license (and permit, if applicable) and the originals.

You’ll get specific details on what to bring once you are enrolled.

Yes, the courses will take place during “normal” rainy conditions, so come prepared with a rain suit if rain is imminent. Classes will be canceled/rescheduled in the event of severe weather – your RiderCoaches will make that determination that day, so you should show up for class no matter what.
IME participants must have a license or learner’s permit for either a car or Motorcycle.  You will need a DMV client ID number to enroll.
Out-of-state participants will need a license or permit from their home state in order to enroll/participate.
The IME does not have a knowledge test or skills evaluation.
No. The IME is not a licensing course. It will only provide your “first steps” in learning to ride.
You may cancel or reschedule your class on-line up to one full calendar day before your class start date. On-line changes will not be available on the day before your class starts; call instead: 315-858-3321. Fees apply. Please click here for details.
If you would be interested and available to move to an earlier course date than the one for which you are scheduled:

a) Check back on our website periodically; additional classes may be added and/or cancellations by other students may create an earlier opening. You may reschedule using the confirmation number in your confirmation e-mail. A $20 fee will apply. NOTE: If your class starts within the next 7 days and you want to move to an even earlier available course date, please phone the office to reschedule, as the on- line enrollment system will charge a larger reschedule fee.

b) If you would like to be considered for last minute fill-ins (within 24 hours of a class start date/time), please email us with your preferences. You might specify a particular date that you desire or a general interest in an earlier date – please specify if you are available weekends or weekdays – and we will put you on the cancellation list.

Enrolling in a RiderCourse indicates that you have reviewed and agree to our POLICIES.