BRC2 Course Fee: $125

Even if you’ve been riding for some time, there’s always something new to learn! Increasing numbers of seasoned riders – many of them BRC graduates – are taking the BRC2 as a fun way to hone their riding skills on their own motorcycles. It’s a great opportunity to shake off those winter cobwebs and get focused on the task of motorcycling for a safe and enjoyable riding season!

Motorcycle TrainingThe BRC2 (formerly known as the Experienced RiderCourse) is a half-day motorcycle training class for experienced riders that already have their motorcycle endorsement. The class is “range-only” – no classroom. Using your own motorcycle, you’ll practice techniques for managing traction: stopping quickly, cornering, swerving…and the use of counterbalancing skills for slow, tight turns.

Most BRC2s are scheduled from 8am – 1pm.  Additional courses and schedules may be added as the season progresses.  For additional information click here.

*The BRC2 generally qualifies graduates for a motorcycle insurance premium discount; check with your carrier for details.

BRC2 Course Fee:  $125

  • Motorcycle Training
  • Motorcycle Training
  • Motorcycle Training

BRC2 - Skills Practice Each BRC2 will last approximately 5 hours

Class size is limited to 12 students.

All range-work – no classroom

Open to licensed motorcyclists

Under age 18 will require the signature of a parent or guardian

BRC2 exercises are performed on your own motorcycle.

You must provide your own street-legal, registered, insured and inspected motorcycle.

You will need to provide your motorcycle registration and insurance card and your motorcycle must pass the RiderCoaches’ pre-course safety check.

You must wear protective gear as follows:

DOT approved helmet & eye protection

Full-fingered gloves

Long sleeved shirt or jacket

Sturdy, non-flared long pants

Sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear (at least 1” over-the-ankle)

Enrolling in a RiderCourse indicates that you have reviewed and agree to our POLICIES.

The BRC2 range exercises are identical to those of the BRC2 for License Waiver (BRC2-LW) class. These classes are scheduled concurrently and the classes may be combined. If the BRC2 class you desire displays as “full”, check to see if the concurrently scheduled BRC2-LW has space. If there is space available, please call our office (315-858-3321) so that we can re-allocate a BRC2-LW spot over to the BRC2 class for your enrollment. If the BRC2-LW class displays as “full”, then there is no space available and you will need to select a different date.

If you already have your motorcycle endorsement, DO NOT sign up for the BRC2-LW class! You will be charged the License Waiver class fee of $225!

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